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Two Wall Street Legends Are Making the Same Big Prediction

By Sam Latter
Editor in Chief, Empire Financial research

The nightmare of March 23, 2020 is about to repeat – in a bizarre new way that could create millionaires on just a single investment.

That’s the newest prediction from two Wall Street legends.

Louis Navellier – a $1 billion money manager whose fund saw a 4,000% total return over 15 years.

And Whitney Tilson – hailed by CNBC as “The Prophet” – who predicted the bottom of the market, to the day, back in 2020.

Together – despite the worst sell-off since 2020, record-high inflation, the threat of a massive bear market, and more – they predict we’re on the threshold of the third biggest money-making opportunity they’ve seen in 22 years.

In short: Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for, they say.

A chance to make 5 to 10 times your money through a huge turning point in the market most people will never see coming… as the result of a major event taking place this summer in Houston, Texas.

The unveiling of a “DIGITAL TWIN” technology that will redefine the U.S. economy in ways you can’t even imagine yet, they say.

“It could cause some of the best-known companies to crash or go bankrupt,” they say, “while other companies could go on to rise 10,000%. But you must get in today, while the market’s still being shaken-up – at historically low prices.”

With their permission, we’re posting the full details on our website here.

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