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“The Prophet” Reveals 5 Ways to
Buy the Metaverse Today

May 9, 2022 / By Mike Ford

Wall Street legend Whitney Tilson is known for breaking huge financial stories (twice) on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

But today, he’s going public with something he’s never said on national television...

Not when he appeared on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round and not when he went live on CNBC where he was crowned as “The Prophet.”

“This is a tech renaissance unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” says Tilson, who famously bought Netflix when it was trading for just $7.78 per share (it’s now 5,200% higher).

It’s known as the metaverse, and he firmly believes it could be the most important technological transition of the next 100 years… one that involves a massive wave of wealth.

Tilson, who called the bottom of the stock market in 2008, insists that you should absolutely have your eye on one particular investment right now.

In fact, he’s so steadfast in his belief that he decided to give his #1 stock recommendation to play this new megatrend away – for free – on our website.

But he also warns that you must take action right away.

Interest in the metaverse has gone ballistic recently.

This stands to be bigger than anything Tilson has ever come across in his entire career, including the time he recommended AutoZone before it soared by 6,900%.

And again, he believes this is such an important time for investors that he’s agreed to give his his #1 stock to buy right now, free of charge (and ticker symbol included).

He’ll also discuss four other ways to “buy” the metaverse right away, so you’ll have multiple ways to play this trend as it continues to grow exponentially.

I highly suggest you watch his full briefing on this fast-moving opportunity.

You can access it (and his #1 stock pick) free of charge right here.

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