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Wall Street Legend Has Urgent Message for Baby Boomers

A former star hedge fund manager is urging baby boomers to make ONE simple move before July 27.

July 5, 2022 / By Mikhail Revlock

Enrique Abeyta is a legend in the hedge fund world.

He started his first fund with just $585,000, ultimately growing its assets to $800 million – and beating the market nearly 17 times over in the process.

But that’s not why The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Barron’s, Institutional Investor, Forbes, Business Insider, and Bloomberg have Abeyta’s number on speed-dial…

They go to him because his funds have made money in every bear market in the last 24 years, including gains like…

  • 788% in 10 months
  • 240% in 24 months
  • 230% in 23 months
  • 112% in 25 months
  • 103% in 26 months

  • Today, we’re in the middle of a brutal bear market.

    $9.3 trillion has been erased from the markets… U.S. inflation has hit a new 40-year high… and according to the New York Times…

    “It threatens the stability of a large group of retirement-age Americans who are dependent on 401(k) and other stock-heavy retirement accounts: baby boomers.”

    If you're retired or nearing retirement, Enrique Abeyta believes you should make ONE simple move in your investment account before July 27.

    It involves a $12 stock… an ultra-lucrative business change… and a once-in-a-decade economic event Abeyta calls a “Master Reset.”

    It happened to computing in 1973… telecom in 1983… and retail in 1994.
    Each and every time, early investors had a chance to make a massive return.

    And now it’s happening again in THIS industry.

    Those who stay on the sidelines won’t just miss out on this potentially profitable shift – they could also lose a great deal of their nest eggs.

    And that’s why today, Enrique Abeyta is going public with the full story (Click here to see how this could all play out).

    He’s scoured the markets to find the very best way to play this explosive situation.

    And he’s put everything you need to know in a simple presentation, where you’ll even the learn the details on the #1 place to put your money during this bear market.

    No subscription, e-mail address, or credit card required.

    But move quickly. A major player in this "Master Reset" is about to drop an earnings bombshell on July 27.

    You can watch or read Abeyta’s presentation for free right now. We’ve posted it on our research firm’s website, right here…

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