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The $4 Inflation Stock

“If I had to invest my wife’s full retirement account in one stock (again)... Hands down, this would be the one."

May 19, 2022 / By Whitney Tilson

Before my hedge fund days, I did something many people would call unthinkable...

I emptied my wife’s entire retirement account - with her permission, of course - and invested the full sum of $20,000 into America Online (AOL).

A year later, I cashed out for $120,000.

It blew my mind how quickly I’d made $100,000.

But when I think of it now, it makes for a perfect investing case study.

When I bought AOL, it was trading for right around $4 per share.

I went all in because I felt many investors were missing the big picture…

  1. Demand for AOL services was exceeding supply,
  2. The company had an elite management team,
  3. It was in an industry that was just taking off, and
  4. It was a market leader over several inferior competitors

I see a similar situation unfolding right now with a small stock that went public less than a year ago.

And it checks off every item on the list (just like AOL did)...

  • Demand for its services is off the charts, as the company’s revenue has recently quadrupled,
  • The management team is elite, including the former CEOs of MGM and Bayer, a highly regarded MIT scientist, and a billionaire businessman,
  • It specializes in a revolutionary technology – one that could transform every industry on the planet, and
  • It's a market leader in an industry that’s projected to be worth $4 trillion in the coming years

The similarities to AOL, before the stock made me $100,000 over 12 months, are uncanny...

Which is why the smart money is headed in its direction.

Some of the world’s biggest investors and hedge funds like Bill Gates and BlackRock (the world’s largest money manager) are investing millions into this company.

And even the mainstream media has woken up to its potential...

To find out more about this $5 stock that has been the talk of the investing word ever since it went public last year, CLICK HERE.

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