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Have You Heard of TaaS?

One of America’s most famous investors (who’s appeared twice on 60 Minutes), says it will radically change your life over next few years

By Michael Palmer, Empire Financial Research January 13, 2022

Whitney Tilson is one of the most famous and successful investors in America… 

He first made his mark on Wall Street, starting a hedge fund with just $1 million, ultimately growing it into a series of funds worth 200 times that amount.

Whitney Tilson with Warren Buffett Along the way he met Presidents Clinton and Obama… was asked to speak at America’s most prestigious business schools (like Harvard, Columbia, and Wharton)… and bought some of the best investments in the world, in the very early stages, for his clients. Such as:

  • Netflix when it was $7.78 a share (today it’s worth 4,800% more)
  • Apple at split-adjusted $0.35 (it’s up 18,000% since then)
  • Amazon at $48 (it’s up 4,000% since then)

And today, Tilson is going public because he and his team say they’ve found what will be the next big tech trend.

It’s called TaaS—and if you haven’t yet heard of this technological breakthrough, you soon will.

Over the next few years, Tilson says TaaS will change the way you eat, shop, work, and travel.

It will change the value of our homes and where we live. It will radically alter prices for airline and train tickets, gas, and even household goods.

Savvy investors will want to know everything about this life-changing technology.

And that’s why today, Whitney Tilson is going public today with the full story (Click here to see how TaaS works).

He’s traveled around America and the world in recent months (more than a dozen trips in the past six months), talking to every expert he could find. 

He’s put everything you need to know in a simple presentation, where you’ll even learn the name and stock symbol of Tilson’s favorite TaaS investment in the world today.

No subscription, e-mail address, or credit card required.

You can watch or read Tilson’s presentation for free right now. We’ve posted it on our research firm’s website, right here...

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