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Stock Prediction Tool Used By 9 Of The World’s Top 10 Money Management Firms Has Just Identified 59 Stocks Set To Soar 50% to 500%



Boston-Based Forensic Accountant and CEO of Valens Securities --Joel Litman -- has just gone rogue.

In a decision that is absolutely rocking the world of finance, Joel has decided to release his powerful proprietary stock prediction tool online for every-day investors folks to access.

The algorithm, which 9 out of the world’s top 10 money managers have paid up to $100,000 a month to access – has a notoriously powerful track record of accurately finding stocks that soar before most investors even catch on.

For example, Joel and his billionaire clients used this tool that some refer to as a “Stock X-Ray Machine” to reveal the TRUTH about Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in 2015…

During that time the stock was down 96% from its highs – its lowest price since 1979.

Not only that, many analysts were predicting that AMD would simply go bankrupt.

Yet, Joel’s “Stock X-Ray Machine” used powerful forensic accounting algorithms that revealed AMD was a buy.

Over the next five years this recommendation has seen 2,2472,051% gains .

This was not the first time Joel’s black box tech provided eerily accurate buy signals.

In fact, its track record is so precise its no wonder it was kept an industry secret for over 20 years.

In 2016, his software labeled Square, Inc (SQ) a buy after the company’s shares sold off 50% due to severely missing earnings.

That position is now up 816.6% .

Also in 2015, his algorithm labeled Etsy, Inc (ETSY) a buy at a time when nobody else was paying attention to yet another ecommerce store.

That position is up 1,117796%.

Now Joel says he’s going to release this powerful technology online for the general public to access for the first time ever.

And he has already used it to identify 59 Grade-A companies that could soar.

Why would the creator of this wildly successful institutional-grade stock prediction tool risk his career and reputation to provide it to the masses?

Perhaps its best to let the man himself explain it by clicking here for the full details.

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