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“The Prophet” Says He’d Put 50% of His Kid’s College Fund Into This ONE Stock.

One successful former hedge fund manager who nailed some of the biggest market calls of the last twenty years just went public about a radical move he’d make with his kid’s college fund…

Whitney TilsonChances are, you may already be familiar Whitney Tilson.

He’s the man CNBC nicknamed “The Prophet,” because of his accurate market predictions spanning the last two decades.

  • In early 2000, he predicted the dot-com crash
  • In early 2008, he predicted the housing crisis and the government bailout of the economy
  • And in December 2008 on an Emmy-award-winning segment on 60 Minutes, he called the bottom of the stock market just prior to the start of the longest bull market in history.

Mr. Tilson believes that average investors can often diversify their investments… to a fault.

Even more shocking, Mr. Tilson says investors could make even more money, and worry far less about their finances if they focused on finding one truly great stock idea to get behind and then "back up the truck."

In fact, Mr. Tilson says that he has one such high-conviction idea right now… he’s so sure of it, he says he’d put half of his kid’s college fund into it, worry-free.

He calls it “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”

Mr. Tilson, recently put together a free presentation where you can learn the name and ticker symbol of “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”, as well as why Whitney would be willing to make such a bold move with his kids’ money.

He says he’s revealing the name of this stock completely FREE because there are millions of Americans who are completely unprepared for retirement.

You can watch his full presentation and discover his favorite stock idea, completely free, by clicking here.

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