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This New Economic Megatrend is Ending the Traditional Office and Causing a Huge Shift in These Stocks

NBC News recently reported that nearly half of all Americans are now working from home.

And many companies have no plans to bring workers back to the office any time soon. In fact, tech giants Square, Twitter, Facebook, and more have said that their employees can work from home forever.

One top analyst says that this trend is just getting started and that when it comes to work from home, "there's no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube." 

Yet this is only the beginning of what Professor Joel Litman says is the start of the "At-Home Revolution."    

His name is Joel Litman – a forensic accountant and CEO of one of the most respected research firms in the world – Valens Research.

Over the years, Joel's firm has provided data, analytics, and consultation to 9 out of the world's top 10 money managers, and hundreds of the world's largest money management firms.

Take a look at the recent gains in stocks such as...

  • Zoom (ZM), up 397% in seven months
  • Wayfair (W), up 1,056% in five months
  • Overstock (OSTK), up an incredible 2,354% in five months

As Joel says, "These stocks are gaining so much because of a fundamental shift in the global economy that happened almost overnight."

He believes a "work at home revolution" is changing the way people spend money... what tools they use on a daily basis... and more.

"Many people still think this is 'temporary' and things will 'get back to normal.' But according to my team's research – which consists of over 100 of some of the world's smartest analysts – this new economic reality is here to stay." – Joel Litman

Joel's firm believes that even though this pandemic will end and people's lives will begin to normalize again, the office economy will never return to its previous state.

"What will emerge is a situation where you can go into the office or not," he says. "Offices will shrink, they'll be places to brainstorm and meet two or three days a week, while workers can come and go as they please."

Because of this, Joel believes the home will become the new center of everyone's world.

Rather than spending hours commuting into the office, people will spend almost all of that time at home.

This means people will reevaluate how they work, entertain, eat, socialize, raise their family, and more.

Recently, Joel and his team a comprehensive online presentation detailing this groundbreaking investment thesis.

You can watch it for free – and see Joel's favorite stock (and ticker) to profit from this emerging megatrend.

Click here to see Joel’s No. 1 stock pick for the “Office Armageddon.”

***Past performance is not a predictor of future results. All investing involves risk of loss and individual investments may vary. The examples provided may not be representative of typical results. Your capital is at risk when you invest — you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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