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L.O.C.K. System Says These Will Be the 5 Tech Giants of The 2020s

It recommended AMD, and spotted Square and RingCentral long before everyone else. Now there’s a new list of tech stocks ready to break out.

Joel Litman’s unique L.O.C.K. system has a history of uncovering winners...

Even when it goes against what the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Like when it called the rise of Square (SQ).

Analysts thought the new payment processing software company was an overhyped dud.

But the L.O.C.K. system spotted something all of the other so-called experts missed.

Within two years, anyone who listened had the chance to make 8 times their money.

Or when RingCentral (RNG) looked like they might be going out of business.

The experts piled on the negative news.

But L.O.C.K. doesn’t care what the experts think… Only what the numbers say.

And the truth was, when viewed through the L.O.C.K. system’s unique set of numbers… RingCentral had all the markings of a big winner.

Since L.O.C.K. spotted it, the stock is up 1,560%.

If you had known about this back in 2016, you could’ve invested $10,000 – and gotten back $156,000.

Maybe no call was bigger than Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

The stock was down a stunning 96% when Joel ran it through the L.O.C.K. system.

Most investors wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. The company seemed to be left for dead.

But L.O.C.K. did its job…

And found the truth about AMD.

On a day when most thought the company was on the verge of bankruptcy...

Joel went on Barron’s and said it was a screaming buy.

But he was right. And from that day forward, AMD soared as high as 2,247%!

Over and over again, the L.O.C.K. system makes fools of the mainstream media… and turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Joel’s L.O.C.K. system’s uncanny knack for spotting market discrepancies has been featured on CNBC and in Forbes and Barron’s.

Now, the L.O.C.K. system is flashing GREEN on five specific tech stocks.

In fact, Joel believes these could be the Tech Giants of the 2020s. Click here to watch his message now.



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