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Legendary Journalist: “This Story Needs to be Heard by All Americans”

CNBC veteran Herb Greenberg, the investigative journalist that helped put a CEO in prison, says many Americans could be in deep trouble.

October 31, 2022 / By Sam Latter

It’s a story the mainstream media refuses to cover.

During a year where inflation is eating into your cost of living, and credit card interest is the highest it's been since the 1990s, most Americans have been terrified thinking of what could come next.

But there’s a major story happening behind the scenes.

And it’s one that – in most cases – would only be heard by “the inner circle” of Americans.

There's a situation unfolding that could have a very real (and perhaps devastating impact) on ordinary people everywhere.

Herb Greenberg – the legendary investigative journalist who has been seen on CNBC, featured in Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MarketWatch,, and the Chicago Tribune to name a few – has decided it’s time to level the playing field.

You may recall this is the same man whose work over the years helped imprison multiple big executives, bring down fraudulent companies, and prompt SEC investigations.

Now, he’s uncovered why this financial hardship could last for the foreseeable future.

While this story may be hard to hear, it affects every single American citizen...

He’s urging all Americans to tune in before it’s too late.

The full details of this story can be found, for free, Right here.


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