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"I’d put half of my daughter’s college fund into this stock"

Investing legend Whitney Tilson says, "It’s time to back up the truck and load up on shares of this company right now."

June 10, 2022 / By Mike Ford

Remember when the dot-com bubble burst and sent the Nasdaq tumbling down 80%?

Well, if you were holding what former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson calls "America's #1 Retirement Stock" – like he was at that time...

You could have been fine.

That's because, instead of investors losing trillions of dollars,7 "America's #1 Retirement Stock" actually rallied and held its gains as the market continued to fall!

And that was during the crash of one of the worst bubbles in U.S. financial history.

Can you imagine how it feels to see the markets in complete turmoil... with red numbers flashing, and every talking head on TV losing their minds, and you look at your portfolio and your favorite stock is actually up?

Today, we’re in a similar situation. The stock market has entered correction territory, and many people could lose a ton of money.

Yet, Whitney believes "America's #1 Retirement Stock" has big upside potential if you secure shares today.

In fact, he's so sure of it he recently said, "I'd put half of my daughter's college fund into it without blinking an eye."

And today, you can find out  the name of this stock completely free of charge.

You see, Whitney knows millions of Americans are completely unprepared for retirement and need to learn how to catch up quickly - but also with less risk.

Which is why he recently put together a detailed presentation on the company, which he is making available absolutely free, for a limited time.

It's opportunities  just like this one  that allowed Whitney to nearly triple his clients' money in a flat market in his fund's first decade, growing his hedge fund from $1 million to $200 million.

You can watch Whitney's full presentation and discover his favorite stock idea – ticker symbol and all –  by clicking here.


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