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Forensic Accountant Who Briefed Pentagon Officials 5 Times in Past Year Says Big Money Shift is Coming

By Michael Palmer, Altimetry Research


Last month, Forensic Accountant Joel Litman made his 5th trip in the past year to the U.S. Pentagon, in Washington, DC.

Pentagon Officials, of course, can get pretty much anyone in the world to brief them on the state of the financial markets.

But they chose Joel Litman because he and his team of 100 employees take a secret forensic approach, which helps them uncover where the biggest piles of money are headed… before that information is widely known.

That’s why ALL 10 of the biggest money managers in the world have read Joel Litman’s work… so have more than half of the 300 world’s biggest financial firms.

Some clients have paid as much as $100,000 for a single report.

And today, Joel Litman says a huge market shift is now underway.

Litman says forget the technologies dominating today’s headlines…

Forget cryptocurrencies, 5G, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars. Forget the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Forget NFTs, space exploration, and cloud computing.

You see… these are all digital technologies, and although most investors don’t realize it, they are yesterday’s news.

Joel Litman is 100% convinced the digital revolution as we have known it is about to get steamrolled by something even bigger--which is just now hitting an inflection point.

And today, you can be among the earliest to get in.

Just be warned: You’re going to be skeptical, despite all the facts and figures Litman presents.

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of what Joel Litman reveals in his latest presentation… but mark my words: You soon will.

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