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Forbes asks:
Could This be the Next Apple or Microsoft?
Everything points in that direction!

“If I had to invest my wife’s full retirement account in one stock (again)... Hands down, this would be the one.” – Whitney Tilson

May 18, 2022 / By Sam Latter

It’s not every day that we come across a stock that could have the potential to deliver over 100,000% gains like Apple or Microsoft and turn a mere $100 into over a million dollars...

Apple and Microsoft become the moguls of Wall Street because they met 10 important criteria that investors look for in stocks:

  1. They had the technology capable of changing the way we live
  2. They had breakthrough services or products that were used by billions of customers around the world
  3. They had millions of dollars’ worth of contractually guaranteed future sales
  4. They always had enough control over raw material so that a supply chain crisis did not stall production
  5. Their profit margins were protected by patents and trade secrets
  6. The were 100% legit and abided by SEBI guidelines
  7. Right from the beginning, they traded on American stock exchanges
  8. They had an excellent management team comprising of industry leaders
  9. They quickly adapted to the changing needs and regulations – For example, ESG (environmental, social, and governance)

    And most importantly: 

  10. They were very affordable – under $5 – after they went public

Right now, there is one stock that meets all of the above criteria and then some,

So, the answer to Forbes question – Could this be the next Apple or Microsoft? – is a resounding YES.

But Whitney Tilson, the man who appeared twice on 60 Minutes to blow the lid of financial stories, feels this company could be the next Amazon. Whitney of course, is basing his claim on the fact that company’s business model, resembles Amazon Web Services.

Either way, the smart money is headed in its direction.

Some of the world’s biggest investors and hedge funds like Bill Gates and BlackRock (the world’s largest money manager) are investing millions into this company.

To find out more about the Perfect 10 stock for investors, which could be the next Apple or Microsoft (or Amazon) that is still trading for under $5, CLICK HERE.

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