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10 Factors That Make a Stock
PERFECT for Investors

The last time I saw a Perfect 10 stock, I emptied my wife’s retirement account ($20,000) into it… and we got back $120,000 in a year – Whitney Tilson

May 18, 2022 / By Sam Latter

What Warren Buffett looks for in a stock might not be the same as what Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos look for... But by following key investing guidelines, all of them became extremely successful investors. 

Based on the investing patterns of some of the best investors, there are 10 crucial factors that go into making a perfect stock.

If you find a stock that has these 10 factors, you can expect the possibility of big gains. I’m talking 5X, 10X, 25X and even 100X over the long term.

Stocks like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon had all these factors at one point in their lifecycle… and savvy investors who spotted the 10 factors and took action, became millionaires… many times over.

Listed below are nine of the factors:

  1. Should be a company capable of changing the way we live
  2. Should have a breakthrough service or product that will be used by billions of customers around the world
  3. Must have millions of dollars’ worth of contractually guaranteed future sales
  4. Should have enough control over raw material so that a supply chain crisis does not stall production
  5. The company's profit margins should be protected by patents and trade secrets
  6. The company should be 100% legit and abide by SEBI guidelines
  7. The company should trade on American stock exchanges
  8. It should have an excellent management team comprising of industry leaders
  9. The company should have a ESG (environmental, social, and governance) platform

Unfortunately, the big guns like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Netflix, are currently missing the one factor that would make them a Perfect 10.

Right now, one company (which recently became public) meets all the above criteria PLUS the one missing criteria...

Which is why the smart money is headed in its direction.

Some of the world’s biggest investors and hedge funds like Bill Gates and BlackRock(the world’s largest money manager) are investing millions into this company.

The best part is the stock still trades for under $5... But it won’t be there for long. The media is already talking about it...

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