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Elon’s Next Target: The U.S. Dollar?

While Elon deals with Twitter, satellite internet, SpaceX, Tesla and everything else you’ve heard about… Another story has been playing out behind the scenes.

March 14, 2023 / By Michael Robinson

This is a story you’re likely not hearing from anyone else...

Tesla has quietly been profiting from a "secret currency."

It’s got nothing to do with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any kind of cryptocurrency.

But it’s been responsible for putting $2.1 billion in Tesla’s pockets recently!

Could Elon Musk replace the U.S. dollar with this "currency."?

It’s hard to say...

But according to Forbes, this “secret currency” is only one part of an even bigger trend...

A trend that could soon be worth over $100 trillion.

For the full details, including how YOU can potentially profit from this “secret currency” too...

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