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Did you See Executive Order 14008 (Section 207)?

A tiny section of President Biden’s executive order 14008 authorizes something the United States has never seen before.

November 9, 2022 / By Whitney Tilson

In January of 2022, the Biden administration quietly issued an executive order that will completely change the way the United States deals with global energy politics.

Regardless of your political views, this is something that you need to pay attention to…

Because it will impact every single American in the years to come.

Executive Order 14008 calls for an economy that relies on a breakthrough called “SWaB”, which will help reset America’s energy infrastructure and create new jobs.

Section 207 of this Executive Order authorizes DOUBLING of an entire industry by 2030...

and section 209 calls for the elimination of the most powerful industries in America.

All told, a whopping $555 billion has been budgeted for "SWaB" initiatives.

And though it's still in its early days, this disruption is already creating a tidal wave...

  • Apple is investing over $4.7 billion into SWaB 
  • Amazon is pouring billions into SWaB, including 274 projects across the world 
  • Tesla has already invested over $10 billion, with billions more in the pipeline 

Elon Musk – who has spent plenty of time in the spotlight lately – even cites SWaB as part of his masterplan part III that is yet to be released.

Regardless of how you feel about Musk, President Biden, the volatile energy prices, etc. the fact is that this shift is already in motion, and there is a wealth-generating opportunity for early movers as big as the internet… if not bigger.

A full breakdown on SWaB, its impact on the global markets, and which stocks to be on the lookout for, can all be found right here.  


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