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Can Elon's Next Breakthrough Make You Rich?

One of America’s most famous investors says this new technology will radically change your life over next few years--and it could make you rich.

By Michael Palmer, Empire Financial Research August 9, 2021

It's no secret that Tesla founder Elon Musk has rocketed up the list of the richest people in the world, thanks to his electric car company's booming business.

Today, Musk is one of the three richest people in the world, after not even making the top 30 richest in 2020, according to Forbes.

But here's the thing almost no one in the media is talking about...

Elon Musk's technology breakthroughs of today are paving the way for something even bigger in the very near future.

In fact, Wall Street legend Whitney Tilson (a former hedge fund manager who has twice appeared on CBS' 60 Minutes to break major financial stories), says this new development will transform nearly EVERYTHING about our daily lives...

From the way you eat, shop, work, and travel... to the value of your homes and where you live. It could radically alter the price you pay for everything from airline and train tickets to a tank of gas, and even household goods.

As Tilson says:

"This is not something that 'might' happen. I believe it's inevitable.... In fact, it's already underway in Arizona... and is in the introductory phases in places like Boston, and San Jose. The only question in my opinion, is: When it will hit your hometown?"

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