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BlackRock CEO: Here's Where Next 1,000 Small Companies that Get to $1 Billion Valuation Will Come From

April 6, 2022 / Mike Palmer


BlackRock is the biggest asset manager on the planet – it manages roughly $10 trillion.

And recently, CEO Larry Fink went on record about where he believes the next big wave of money is headed...

Fink said the next 1,000 "Unicorns" – that is, small companies that grow to a valuation of $1 billion or more – "won't be a search engine"... and "won't be a media company."

Instead, Larry Fink says the next 1,000 Unicorns will come from subsector of the market almost no one's paying attention to right now.

Forensic accountant Joel Litman, who consults regularly with the U.S. Pentagon (five times in the past year) on the stock market at home and abroad, agrees...

Litman says:

“Forget cryptocurrencies, 5G, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars. Forget the blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Forget NFTs, apps, space exploration, and cloud computing.

"These are all digital technologies, and although most investors don't realize it, they are yesterday's news... and are about to get steamrolled by something even bigger – which is just now hitting an inflection point.

"I think people are going to likely get really rich here over the next few years."

What, exactly, are some of the world's leading financial experts like Larry Fink and Joel Litman so excited about?

What are they predicting will be the source of the next big wave of billion-dollar companies... and the biggest stock market winners of the years to come?

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