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Billionaire Investors Focusing on
One Obscure Sector of the Markets

I don’t think the financial world is ready for what’s about to happen."
- Cathie Wood, Ark Invest

April 21, 2022 / By Sam Latter

Steve Jobs, the late CEO and founder of Apple, pinpointed one technology to be the “biggest innovation of the 21st century” and said it would start a whole “new era.”

And true to his prediction, a new era has started to play out... and is ready to explode.

Empire Financial Research founder Whitney Tilson says "The floodgates have opened. He believes the returns in this space are only going to escalate from here."

But Tilson isn't the only one…

Some of the biggest names from the world of technology are pouring billions into this tiny sector of the markets.

  • Bill Gates – Microsoft
  • MARC Andreessen – Netscape
  • Bryan Johnson – Venmo
  • Vinod Khosla – Sun Microsystems
  • Marc Levchin – PayPal
  • Eric Schmidt – Google
  • Jerry Yang – Yahoo
  • Peter Thiel – Twitter

In fact, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says the next 1,000 unicorns – or small companies that get to a $1 billion valuation – will come from this little-known corner of the stock market.

One of those companies is already positioning itself to monopolize this "new era" just as the FAANG stocks monopolized the digital era.

Bill Gates has invested $275 million in this company.

Tech investor Cathie Wood has also invested over $350 million.

And billionaire Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Group portfolio owns more shares of this stock than Amazon, Facebook, Tesla , and Microsoft. Combined.

In his brand-new analysis, Whitney Tilson – who's appeared twice on 60 Minutes to break big financial stories – gives you the big picture of the biggest innovation of the 21st century and why this one company has the potential to become a virtual monopoly in this space.

Whitney explains everything you need to know about this skyrocketing tech sector, including the stock name and ticker symbol of one of the biggest players in this space.

You can access his recent presentation that details his analysis, including charts, photos, and videos totally totally free of charge, right here.

Best of all, there's no e-mail address, credit card, or subscription required to access Tilson's new analysis and the details on his #1 stock pick. Click here to watch now.

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