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iPhones Across the Country Could Begin Going “Offline” as Early as
April 26th, 2023

March 14, 2023 / By Michael Robinson

Only 1,000 people were permitted to attend Apple’s secret meeting…

No cameras were allowed.

In fact, one invitee said phones were wrapped with “tamper-proof stickers” to prevent photographs.

Why all the secrecy? 

Well, because during this secret meeting Apple made a shocking announcement…

The company unveiled a special project — a project codenamed “N421”

And this little-known initiative could one day — starting as early as April 26th, 2023 — cause all iPhones to go “offline” for good.

You see, “N421” is actually a new device Apple has been quietly working on…

A device that “could eventually replace mobile phones” (including the iPhone).

Which is why we’ve been calling it the “iPhone Killer.”

But why on earth would Apple “kill” all iPhones?

Afterall, the company generated nearly $300 billion in sales thanks to its popular device last year.

Well, that’s because it sees an even bigger opportunity on the horizon…

An opportunity worth an estimated $1.3 trillion.

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But please, do it quickly...

That’s because Apple could publicly announce its "iPhone Killer" plans on April 26th. If so, certain stocks could undergo heavy buying, potentially triggering large price gains.

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