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America's Richest Man Orders 100,000 Units of a Game-Changing New Technology

It will radically change his business and your life—and could make you a small fortune

By Michael Palmer, Empire Financial Research January 6, 2021

A fascinating story has been reported by CNBC...

In short, the richest man in America has ordered 100,000 units of a new technology, which could radically change his business, and your life.

CNBC says this is the largest order ever placed for this new tech product .

Whitney Tilson, a former hedge fund manager who some have called the most connected man on Wall Street, says this is a big deal.

Tilson says this is a huge new technology trend you must pay attention to, if you want to have a lot of success as an investor over the next few years.

And Tilson says that while you probably have NOT yet heard of this technological breakthrough yet – you soon will.

Over the next few years, Tilson says it will change EVERYTHING about our normal way of life...

From the way you eat, shop, work... to how you travel.

From the value of our homes and where we live... to the prices for airline and train tickets.

It could even ultimately aid in slowing down the spread of the diseases like the coronavirus... and help get the American economy moving again.

Along the way, it could also make you a small fortune.

That's why Whitney Tilson and his research team have recently put together a full analysis that reveals:

  • Exactly what this new technology is , and how it will change your life. 
  • Exactly what America's richest man bought, and why he did it .
  • The name and stock ticker symbol of Tilson's favorite investment in this space (revealed for free).

Click here to view Tilson's investigative work , on his website.

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